Just some video moments from Mega Riga

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Thank’s to MJ Deffender!!

Mini event Where is the cache?

Mini event Stretch like a Riga cat! 




Thank You and see You nex time!

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MR2014_logoMega Riga 2014 is over… Thank You all very much for participating! We were glad to see You and we hope – You enjoyed this time in Riga!  Thank You for all good reviews in Your logs and also thanks for criticism – it is very importatnt to knew all opinions!

We have “made” a place for all photos from Mega Riga  in Google+. Your welcome to supllement it with Your own photos! See it HERE.

Also, please spend a few minutes to answer questions about LAB caches, which was made in Latvia at first time!  Questions about LAB caches - HERE.

Once again, we want to congratulate all geocachers who get awards or our gifts in Mega Riga evening party.

T-shirt with autographs of all participants from mini event Where is the cache?  won  OrjanC from Sweden. Unregistered geocoin – present from Lithuanian colleagues – at this time won Pudele.  But topo-map of Latvia from our friend “Ķur tu esi?” to be use Gunta_Th.

As we promised, we gave Mega Riga 2014 souvenirs – buff to every 50th geocacher who had paid the participation fee. As one of them did not take part in evening party, we made a little lotery and this buff gave Edgars Laicans. 

Some  awards’ ideas and suggestions we received from our volunteers who provided  Mega Riga activities. Award for reliability we gave to our guests – Herman en Eugeni and  Team Eika. Ceramic workshop “Mersart” for the best “cat making” awarded Bosiks, second price - MJ Defend, third price - Ginc.  The award for best selfy received Daka57. Riga TV24 awarded the best TV broadcasters - Strandsatt and Miķelis.

Some chirps from Garmin in lottery won Bikeridr, KarklinsV and Elhana, who also was the “lucky one”  and received a new Garmin device!

At the end of the evening we all participated in mini event “Like a Bremen musicians”. Special gifts – T-shirts recieved the first team which was made a “precise”  monument of Bremen musicians – Joliss, Krists_T, Roleekstooz and Tavsmiiluliitis.

We apologize if some lucky’ve  forgotten …. :)

Thanks again, and see You next time!



As mentioned before, Mega Riga HQ will again be located in the nice and cosy leisure park Gandrs (Riga, 28 Kalnciema street).

Gandrs is a place with a special adventurous aura! And adventure is all a real geocacher needs!

Just like the last year Gandrs will provide a special price to all the participants of mega event for bicycle rent – 7 EUR per whole day. This offer can be quite useful noting that all the routes of Mega Riga are bicycle-friendly! Bicycles can be returned back until late evening, but we would like to suggest returning them before the evening party, so you can enjoy the dancing and talking to other geocachers without any worries!

Attention! Bicycle locks will be available for extra fee. As some of the checkpoints of Mega Riga routes will be located inside, a lock will be really useful.

Also a special price will be set for accessing the climbing tower. You will have a chance to try your climbing skills only for 4 EUR (without time limit)! For accessing the geocache located in the tower, first try is for free!

For the first time in Mega Riga – Garage sale!

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Mega Riga 2014 will try to start a new tradition this year – Garage sale or market of useful things.

If you want to sell your own unnecesary stuff related to geocaching – you are very welcome to join our Garage sale!

Rules are very easy. The seller has to set the price of his/her item and to give it to the host of the sale. Each item and sellers contact info will be registered. All the items with price tags on them will be placed in a special Garage sale stand.

Garage sale will be open:
Friday July 11 from 18:00 to 22:00 at Mega Riga HQ (Gandrs)
Saturday July 12 from 10:00 to 13:00 at Mega Riga HQ (Gandrs)
Saturday July 12 from 20:00 to 22:00 at the party venue.

Unsold items will be given back to their owners. All the income goes to the owner, there will be no commision fee. For more information please contact host of the Garage sale – Karlis (email: karlis.jansons@gmail.com)

Garage sale accepts: GPS devices and their accessories, Geocoins, Travel bugs, stickers, containers, logbooks, magnets, bags, phone accessories, flashlights and everything else what a real geocacher needs.

Sunday stretching with fitness trainer

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trenerisLast year people really enjoyed MegaRiga 2013 morning exercise flashmob organized by Masierite and Street workout team. It definitely was the best and probably the funniest way to start this superhot Sunday after partying all night long! :)

To continue the tradition Mega Riga 2014 invites you to participate in this year’s Sunday morning exercise – mini event „Stretch like a Riga cat” (GC4EE99). This time a professional fitness trainer Rihards Sekste will help us to wake up! You can find more information on our trainer on his personal Facebook page HERE.
Girls, we are waiting for you! OK, OK, boys are welcome, too! :)

Visiting Bergs Bazaar

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BB_tmVERTbalts One of the most beautiful pedestrian quarters in Riga centre is beyond all doubt Bergs Bazaar. Of course we don’t’ mention it without a reason – participants of Mega Riga may get there during their journey through the city!

With a kind support of Bergs Bazaar owners a little and cosy ice cream cafe „Burzuja Brokastis” will be waiting for you to give you a nice task. Don’t worry, you will not have to wash the dishes, but be ready to explore the territory of this wonderful historic quarter.

Don’t miss your opportunity to chill in the café for a while and have a delicious home-made ice cream, lovely cakes and Andrito’s coffee. Mmmm…

More information on Berga Bazaar  HERE.

“Burzuja Brokastis” on Facebook  HERE. 

Get to know clay!

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zirgs Plastic and polymers are so yesterday! Natural materials rule nowadays and so does clay.

One of our partners this year is SIA „Mersart” – a big workshop producing ceramics from the red and white clay as well as from shamot.

One of Mega Riga routes will take you to this workshop, where you will find out how pottery is made. There will also be a possibility to create something by your own hands. Even more – to get the information about the next stage of your journey, you will HAVE to create something to by your own hands! So – be ready to unleash your creative side!

Also a little shop will be open there with their most popular products. Hint – take some money with you. It’s almost impossible to resist buying some of those lovely souvenirs!

Be ready to get a new friend from GARMIN!

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Garmin_Logo_Rgsd_PMS 285 RGBMega Riga 2014 team knows well that geocaching outdoors is absolutely impossible without GPS… otherwise there is a great chance to get lost in woods, swamp or even in the streets of
your home city.

That’s why we are very thankful to the official representative of GARMIN in Baltic States SIA
„Bajtel” for supporting our event!

Last year during Mega Riga 2013 closing party one of the participants got a new GARMIN.
Hopefully it still serves well! ;) We are happy to announce that one of this year’s participants will
have a chance to become an owner of a brand new Garmin (model GPSMAP 64s LM) as well!

The winner will be picked at Mega Riga 2014 night party which will be held right in the very heart of Riga. Where exactly? You will find it out after solving all tasks.

Detailed info about Garmin GPSMAP 64s LM see HERE.

Information about all the wide range of navigation devices offered by SIA „Bajtel” can be found

The Castle of Light gets involved in Mega Riga 2014!

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Photo from www.lnb.lv

Mega Riga wants to go hand in hand with the actual processes in Latvia, so let us inform you with the greatest pleasure that recently opened Castle of Light (the new and impressive building of Latvian National library) will be one of the objects of MR 2014 routes!

We are very thankful to employees of Latvian National Library for their true interest to collaborate and for being so kind to open the doors of this amazing building to Latvian and foreign geocachers!

There will be a task related to literature and books waiting for participants of MR 2014 in the building… Tsss, we are not telling anything more for now! ;)

Additional information about The Castle of Light can be found here: http://www.gaismaspils.lv/

NB! To enter the Castle of Light you will have to prove your identity, so, please don’t forget to take a passport or ID card with you!

Discover colors of Riga!

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For the second year in a row fans of geocaching are invited to gather in the Mega event right in the center of the Baltic States – Riga. “Mega Riga 2014” this year is taking another step forward and offers participants to get to know the different colors of Riga – blue water, green parks or 50 shades of grey in the old town pavement …

“Mega Riga 2014″ participants, while registrating for the event at HQ, will be asked to select one of four colors or routes.  Choosing one of the colors, you will receive information about the next “checkpoint” in the city – GPS coordinates and difficulty and terrain of the potential checkpoint task. Each participant will be able to choose –to check the meaning of T4 “Latvian style”, or to slowly enjoy the summer vacation by going to the checkpoint, where the terrain isn’t higher than 2. (more…)